Music Production

How Does It Work?

  •  Get together via video conference or in person to talk about the song and direction of the production, listening to the songwriter’s demo(s) (Phone recording, live singing, etc)
  • Find a good key for the songwriter’s voice (can include chords, if the songwriter does not play an instrument) and listen to examples of preexisting productions that may be similar to the vibe the songwriter is looking for in their personal production.
  • Agree on the song, key, tempo and vibe.
  • Moving forward, the songwriter pays half down of the agreed production cost: $______ in order to get started.
  •  Producer creates the track and presents it to the songwriter.  If the songwriter is satisfied with the track, they can record remotely (their own setup or local studio) or in person at Matt Moss Music LLC located in Lake Charles, LA. (Recording vocals can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on song, complexity, overdubs and production and changes made during the recording, we want it to sound the very best!)
  • After vocals and mix are finished and the songwriter is satisfied, the final payment of the production cost is due.  Once paid, songwriter will receive an mp3 and wav of the final mix and an mp3 and wav of the final instrumental mix via DropBox or similar delivery service. (3 mix revisions are included)
  • If the artist does not deliver vocals up to a month after the production track has been completed, out of good faith, the producer will ask to collect the remaining balance: $______. 

What Is Not Included?

  • Creating cover artwork or the release
  • Helping the songwriter release the song on streaming platforms
  • Promoting the song